Friday, August 14, 2009

Constipation: Beneficial Foods

Many of my patients suffer from constipation. After giving this list to a few people, I thought it would make a good post to help out with such a common ailment. Try to use these foods and suggestions before turning to laxatives.

Foods the Lubricate the Intestines:
spinach, honey, pear, peach, apple, apple sauce, alfalfa sprouts, carrots

Foods the Promote Bowel Movement:
cabbage, papaya, coconut, sweet potato, fig, bran, castor oil

Also, consider adding an acidophilus supplement and chlorophyll supplement. Magnesium not exceeding 250mg daily is a good addition to your vitamin schedule.

You may want to try a "colon cocktail" daily until you become regular. It consists of bran, applesauce, and prune juice.

Another breakfast idea is to have oatmeal,with prunes,almonds or walnuts, and some wheat bran. Try this with green tea sweetened with honey.

Sources: Food lists- Healing with Whole Foods, Tao of Nutrition, Nutrition from Marz.