Friday, February 6, 2009

Chinese State Committee Yang 24 Simplified and Missing Traditional Components

Here is a very good example of the "Official" 24 tai chi form. This is about as good as this form can be performed.

There were some traditional elements deliberately left out such as Fajin. Fajin is the discharging force of tai chi chuan. Here is an example of Ping. Take note of the intricate torso and spinal movements.

Many Western practitioners of this art don't even realize that this type of training is available in Tai Chi. Other components of Tai Chi Chuan training are certain types of meditation, awareness of specific acupuncture points, meridian "visualizations", developing and harmonizing energy of the Zangfu, etc. One specific component of Sun style and the Wudang style from Master Ye is the concept of the Central Channel and the 5 pearls. Please call me if you are interested in learning these aspects of tai chi right here in Memphis and Bartlett.