Saturday, January 17, 2009

Diet and Nutrition - Recommended Book

When taking your medical history during the initial interview we often talk about diet and nutrition. Patients will ask me about which diet to follow. There is no single right diet. All diets out there have merits and will work for some people. However, one reasonable diet book out there based on quality scientific research is called the Okinawan diet. This combined with principals of Chinese Herbal Medicine is a very good path to follow. Three scientists visited the island of Okinawa to research the seniors that were living very active lives well into old age. They found that old people in Okinawa not only lived longer but had a better quality of life well into old age. Americans typically experience a 10 decline before death where mobility, appetite, mental facilties decline over about a 10 year period. The people of Okinawa only experienced about 3 or so years of end of live decline.