Monday, October 1, 2012

Build A Better Colon (Part One) - How to Check Your Bowel Transit Time

Many alternative health practitioners throughout history have said that good health starts in the colon.
The first thing you need to do on  your path is to test your bowel transit time.  Bowel transit time is the amount of time it takes for food to get from your mouth to the toilet. If your Bowel Transit Time is longer than 16 hours you are constipated.  The longer stuff sits in your colon the more trouble it causes.

The bowel transit time will change with the type of food you consume.  However, if you do tend to be longer than 16 hours you have some issues.  If you are only having a bowel movement a few times a week it is time to start figuring out what is holding you up.

In order to check for your Bowel Transit Time some M.D.s will have you swallow some radioactive tabs and then xray your abdomen to track their progress.  A low tech version would be to swallow activated charcoal tabs available from the local health food store.  Take note of time that you swallowed the pills and then their exit.