Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TCM Foods To Get Ready For Fall

Well, we are coming up on the end of summer and moving into fall. The body reacts to the change in climate. Long summer months usually require us to eat foods that are cooling. We have had a good share of hot weather. If we ate our cooling foods like melons, cukes, fish, and stayed away from hotter foods like beef, lamb, peppers, etc. the transition would be easier. Dryness is a characteristic of Fall weather. You will notice that the air will make your skin dry and itchy. What we need to do from a TCM standpoint is to start eating foods that nourish the fluids of the body to alleviate some of that dryness that came from the heat of the summer. These foods include: Fruits: apricot Asian Pear lemon mango persmimmon strawberry watermelon Vegetables: cabbage carrot celery cucumber green bean parsley squash turnip Protiens: Mung beans tofu soymilk